Sun Tunnels

Bring in natural light to your home. Sun tunnels are a safe and waterproof solution to adding light in directed areas of your home.

What Are Sun Tunnels

A sun tunnel is like a pot light that turns on and off with the sun. It can bring the benefits of outdoor light to your living space without a large hole in your roof! Sun tunnels are a more affordable option to bring the sun to your living space.


Existing Roof Removal

Z&J’s re roofing service is the removal of your old roofing system and replacing it with a new one.


Roof Inspection

During the removal we will inspect and repair the plywood. Ensuring longevity of your new roof.


New Roof Installation

Includes installing underlayment that will waterproof your roof and protect it from ice and snow.

How Does Z&J Do it Better?

Z&J Roofing is certified with Velux! We are also a Journeyman led company. This means that your sun tunnel will be installed both to manufacturers specifications AND building code. Many roofing companies don’t know what to do with sun tunnels, and will not properly install, replace or waterproof them. Z&J roofing has a solution for every sun tunnel situation and is able to meet all of your sun tunnel needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our potential customers often have similar questions, let’s answer those.

How much does a sun tunnel cost?

Installing a new sun tunnel starts at $750. Depending on the size, how long of a track, and the pitch of the roof it may be more.

Why should I add a sun tunnel to my living space?

Sun tunnels are a great way to light up a space with natural light without the big hassle of a skylight.

Can I put a sun tunnel on a flat roof?

Yes! Z&J roofing can properly install and flash your new sun tunnel on your flat roof.

Can I put a sun tunnel in my walk-in closet?

Yes! A sun tunnel is a great way to light up your closet and allows you to see how you look in the natural light of the sun!

Will a sun tunnel make my house hot?

No. A sun tunnel is a sealed unit, which brings in the light, but keeps the heat out of your living space.

We’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.