Roof Repairs

Z&J Roofing will repair a section of your roof that is in disarray, instead of replacing your whole roof. Roof repairs often include fixing blown off shingles. If you are concerned about your roof and would like an estimate for repair, call Z&J Roofing.

What is Involved in A Roof Repair?

Roof repairs come in all shapes and sizes. ZandJ Roofing prides itself in offering high-quality waterproofing. This means re-doing valleys that have been done incorrectly, re-flashing chimneys, re-flashing skylights, installing missing products, installing new chimney caps, fixing duplexes that have been half shingled incorrectly, installing new vents and properly ventilating your roof, cutting in new bathroom fans or hood fan exhausts, tying in a new addition to your current roof. 

Roof Repairs, NOT Roof Patches

Many people think that roofing repairs are easy with a tube of tar and a trowel. This just leads to a more difficult and costly repair down the road. Call Z&J and have your roof repaired properly and you will be happy with a good-looking repair that will extend the life of your roof.


Existing Roof Removal

Z&J’s re roofing service is the removal of your old roofing system and replacing it with a new one.


Roof Inspection

During the removal we will inspect and repair the plywood. Ensuring longevity of your new roof.


New Roof Installation

Includes installing underlayment that will waterproof your roof and protect it from ice and snow.

How Does Z&J Do it Better?

Z&J roofing prides itself on being able to use the right product and correct colour to repair your roof. Often Z&J will repair roofs that other companies will say are beyond repair and need to be replaced. You can be confident that Z&J roofing will be honest with you, and repair what we say we will repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our potential customers often have similar questions, let’s answer those.

At what point is my roof beyond repair?

-If there are no more granules left on your shingles and the fiberglass matting is exposed, your roof is beyond repair.
-If the shingles are curled and baked so much that they will not lay flat, your roof is beyond repair
-Cedar lasts just as long as a shingled roof in Alberta, and can be beyond repair if the cedar is cracking, or molding, or swelling. 

One side of my roof is fine, and the other is bad? Can i just replace the bad side?

Yes! Z&J Roofing will replace the part of your roof that is unable to be repaired. This could be half, or more, or less. This can save you some costs now if a full replacement is not in the budget.In Southern Alberta we often come across multiple layers of roofs. This decreases the lifespan of the roof and adds unnecessary weight to the support beams of the house. If your roof has multiple layers, this will increase the costs to have your roof properly replaced.

Is my cedar roof repairable?

Yes! Z&J Roofing can repair all types of cedar roofs.

How long will my Cedar roof last?

Cedar lasts just as long as a shingled roof in Alberta, and can be beyond repair if the cedar is cracking, or molding, or swelling. 

We’d be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have.