By receiving a roof inspection, we could determine if your roof needs to be replaced this year or not. We would be able to determine if your roof has the sufficient amount of ventilation, and insulation. Also a roof inspection would allow us to see how and why your roof was leaking, and we might be able to just fix that problem, instead of replacing the whole roof.

Without climbing on your roof, there are a few ways of knowing if your roof might need to be replaced. The obvious sign is if you have a leak. Another way is if your shingles are curling up, or down. If your troughs are always full with granules or if there are piles of granules at the base of your downspouts.

A rule of thumb is, when you replace your roof you need to replace the skylight. A lot of the time the curbs for the skylights don’t have any insulation. Sometimes there aren’t any curbs and the curbs are mounted to the skylight itself, but the skylight is old and doesn’t function anymore. In some cases if you have an older roof but your skylight is leaking we can fix the skylight so when you replace your roof we replace the skylight then.

When replacing the vents for the ceiling fans on the roof, you need to use the right kind of vent for the job. Most times roofing companies just put in what they have or what they are familiar with. If you have a dryer coming out of the roof you need a special vent. If they have a custom ceiling fan, or even a standard ceiling fan, you still need to figure out the right fan for the job and install it correctly. Two rows of shingles get cut into the vent, and the vent should be cut into the underlayment as well. With fasteners in the correct place.

Ice damns are damns of ice forming below areas of heat loss. For example not functioning soffit or the soffit was blocked by insulation, you will have a hot spot there from the heat of the house and it will melt the ice and freeze in your troughs and this damn will grow to the point where the ice will find its way in the house. In other cases the HVAC company didn’t use the right materials for the job which leads to areas on the roof with heat loss, and this would cause ice damns that will form and grow. Which leads to the ice pushing its way under the shingles. Ice damns typically form when the temperature changes from warm to cold, multiple times. If these problems are discovered in a thorough roof inspection you can have a warm and dry home for many years.

A few red flags to look for are as follows. See if the contractor has WCB, GST number, Insurance, Business license, safety program in place, and ask how their relationship is with their supplier. These are very important because you want a professional roofing company to do your job. Try not to hire a company that says they will do it for cash under the table to save you the GST. Those are the guys that will do the job and if you have any problems with it down the road, they’ll disappear and you’ll be left with extra costs of fixing their mistakes. During the selling process if you have difficulties getting a hold of them, or they never seem to answer your questions. These things should be red flags, because how a contractor acts through the selling process that’s how they will treat you during the installation process. Check out the company for yourself, ask around. If no-one has heard of them before then maybe there is a reason for that.

At Z&J Roofing, we know first hand what its like to still have nails on your lawn after a job is done. So we use a magnet and run our magnet all around your house, and we get down on our hands and knees and do our best to find every piece of garbage. After we’ve picked up all the garbage we will use a leaf blower to clean off your driveways, sidewalks, and decks of all granules.